A Better Way To Write Prompts

Using data to write prompts

I can now prevent AI from making up stuff.

Yes, you’ve heard right. No more hallucinations, no more false evidence, just straight-up facts.

And I didn’t have to change much. All it took was a slight change in my prompts.

If you’re ready to learn what it is, let’s get into it.

How To
Prompting With Data

I call this method prompting by data.

If it’s your first time hearing about it, here’s the basic gist:

  • Instead of describing my task, provide ChatGPT with a response template.

  • Attach supporting data. This can be URL, uploaded file, or just a simple text.

  • Prompt AI to fill the template using the attached data.

Here’s what a prompt using this technique would look like.

The prompt below takes information from the attached PDF and writes an essay following the template provided.

Prompting by data breakdown

Now that we know the basics, let’s see how to build this prompt (using an example).

In the following example: I’ll try to turn a simple tweet into an academic essay.

1/ Find Your Data

Step one is to take first step. In my case, it’s finding the data.

This can be a blog post, PDF, image, or any other form of data accepted by ChatGPT.

In my case, it’s a tweet.

2/ Prompt With Data

Next part is to put a prompt together. There are 2 important parts that you have to fill in:

  • Template: Guides the output.

  • Data: Gives context and constraints.

Optionally, you can also describe the task itself.

In my case, I mentioned that I’m turning a tweet into an essay.

Prompt structure

In case you want to try it, here’s the full prompt.

[missing: hook, background information, and thesis statement]
[missing: the first main idea with supporting evidence and analysis]
[missing: the second main idea with evidence and analysis]
[missing: the second main idea with evidence and analysis]
[missing: the third main idea with evidence and analysis]
[missing: restates the thesis, summarizes key points, and offers final thoughts]


Your task is to turn Tweet into an essay by filling in the missing parts in <essay> template.

Here is the Tweet: "A great way to make your prompts better:

1. Start with simple prompt.
3. Write down the response.
4. Paste the response into your original prompt - mention DOs and DON'Ts.
5. Do this five times.

Now you have a mega prompt!"

And here’s the response I received.

Essay based on the tweet

Pretty neat, right? It’s simple, and it works like magic.

3/ Try It Yourself

I encourage you to try it. Find a piece of data, and turn it into something else.

Just for reference, here’s the prompt breakdown again.

Happy prompting!

Prompt structure


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