Make AI Human Again!

It only takes 1 sentence...

Hello, my lovely folk.

It’s Bernard, and I’ve got a confession to make.

I hate AI-generated text!

I see it everywhere, and I see it’s flooding the internet. It’s on social media, in your inbox, and even in research papers.

But I can’t do anything about it.

The only thing I can do is to teach you how to make AI sound less robotic and more human.

So let’s hear it.

Making AI sound human

We’re simple creatures. We’re using short sentences, simple terms, and we avoid jargon like babies avoid spinach.

But AI is different. It’s complex, it loves jargon, and it writes sentences longer than a politician's promise.

So what’s the key to making it sound human? It’s simplicity.

1/ Use simple language

The obvious thing is telling ChatGPT to use simple language.

Instructing ChatGPT to use simple language

But this doesn’t take you far. Again, this is a machine we’re talking to, and simple for the machine means who knows what.

Can’t get more simple than one huge paragraph

We need to get more creative.

2/ Set more constraints

The next thing that I can think of is to set more constraints.

Setting constraints

This gives us better results. However, it’s still not good enough. Also, it’s super hard to read. Just look at the analysis.

Text analysis by Hemingway

But don’t worry. There is one thing that hits the nail on the head.

3/ Use 5th-grade English comprehension level

I came across this “hack” very randomly. I was trying out different things, and I was getting very frustrated.

But then I remembered the lesson from my copywriting course - Write like a 5th grader.

Of course, we don’t want this literally. I don’t want to hear love poems about Suzy or Hannah. I don’t want to read letters to Santa.

That’s why I modified the instruction and told ChatGPT to Write at a 5th-grade English comprehension level.

And believe it or not, This is what gets the job done!

AI writing like a human

4/ The results

AI is complex. What’s simple for us, is not simple for the machine.

That’s why we can’t tell ChatGPT to use simple language. It doesn’t know what “simple” means. Heck, it doesn’t even know what human means.

So what’s the trick to all of this?

Use [N]th-grade English comprehension level to control your output.

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